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Ok, so I am currently posting without a mouse. This sucks. Especially when you try to use Firefox. The thought for the day is,


I'm currently developing a command-line 3D befunge interpreter, which will hopefully be cross-platform. I am attempting to do this in C++, with quite some success.

My interpreter doesn't interpret befunge-93 as such, it interprets a fungeoid which is quite similar to befunge-93. My dialect uses 32-bit (int) values for the code/data and stack values.

I also include a stack stack, which is (as the name suggests) a stack of stacks. { pushes a stack, } pops a stack. The usual befunge-93 semantics apply to most functions, except g and p. g and p currently pop 3 values from the stack, since it is a 3D version of befunge.

The interpreter will also include native threads and TCP sockets (which will be swapped in to be manipulated via '~','&',',' and '.' as usual - in addition, file manipulation may be included, although then the language might become vaguely useful [wink].

Once I have written all this, I plan to write a befunge IRC client/server. It shall be great.

My progress so far:
I have implemented a befunge-93 interpreter. I'm having problems with the threads and lifetime issues with sockets [sad]
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