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So I didn't like the way everything was showing up last time. It was too jumbled together, so I rearranged the way I was rendering things.

Before I was rendering all the blood first, then all the corpses. Made it difficult to see blood after the floor was piled with corpses.

Now, new blood splatters will render on top of old corpses... like so:

I think it looks better ... if anyone objects, please let me know.
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Reminds me of spaghetti hoops.
But with people instead of spaghetti, and without those funny little sausages.

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Excellent, just the right ratio of blood to corpses. Just how I like my living room.

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Arghhh, my eyes!!... [grin]
Mmmnn, it actually reminds me of strawberries, or, more like strawberry jam really - I'll have to look out for the blighters the next time I eat it :)

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Yummy. Looks better, nice blood even though it doesn't look real, as I had to notice yesterday.

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When the game is actually being run, it's much easier to tell who the live ones are, as they're the only ones moving ;)

When I'm done, I will (i think) have different sprites for the baddies. For now I just changed the hue of the player sprites so I could have a quick something to test with.

heh, might not look realistic, but then again, it's not a game that is meant to simulate "real" ... and if it were, i'd have lots of explaining to do. :D

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Just made it so if other characters walk though it, they leave blood foot-prints

I'm not sure you'd be able to notice, TBH. [grin]

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