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Cops are a little bit slower

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The cops now rotate slightly slower when they are turning to fire at you; previously they locked directly onto your location and unloaded. This makes it a lot easier to dodge them, and for hilarious effect the cops also unload full-automatic weapons into crowds by accident. [grin]

I'd give you a screenshot but there's nothing new to look at. I'm getting a lot closer to releasing the game now that the cops are slightly easier; this weekend I'll most definitely include the freezers and the super-status screen.

Also, I'm working on the "Custom Game" feature -- this allows you to specify how many cops/civilians/guns/etc arrive in a level (I provide two or three "base" maps that are never in the standard single-player game) and then randomly places them for a nice kill-fest.

I also made some modifications to the editor to allow it to open multiple maps and display "Help" text when necessary (hold down H)
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