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A new project.

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Finally after a long time of not working on anything. I'm starting a new project. My goals this time are to just make something simple. Not to create some great dynamic game engine like all my previous project. I have most of the basic game play design done. Its going to be a RPG like combat system. I don't think I'm going to have a level cap as well. Just keep the level system exponential. No real story line though at this point. Just mindless leveling and collecting of really cool loots. I might once I get the core game up and running add a short story mode to the game where you can run through short 5-15 min "episode" like stories. you character would remain persistent throughout the "episodes" and you would be able to keep all the cool loots you get along the way.
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Welcome to Journal Land, enjoy your stay [smile]

It's always best to start off simple, in my experience.. Otherwise it never gets finished. Best of luck to you, and keep us updated! [grin]

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Nice to see another journal!

Keeping it simple is good. I've wanted to make a game along those lines too, so I'm looking forward to watching your project grow.

Best of luck!

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Haha, nice, you made it bud, nice of you to join us, now if you don't make shit like you made in school, i'm going to personally whoop up on you ;)

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I've had this idea for awhile, except I wanted to deliver the episodes through some kind of RSS-based podcast analogue -- a "gamecast" if you will.

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