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I took a little time this past week to try to dust some of the grime off my Windows skills, and started porting my Golem3D level editor over to Windows/Cygwin. Required fixing up a dual-boot on my main dev box, with all that a new Windows install entails. Still a bunch of work to do, and I've got a few link problems with the FOX toolkit I'm ironing out, but I'd like to have the port up in a few days for folks to try out.

When I get the port finished, I'll post a link here to dl it, in case anyone is interested in playing with a rough, prototypical, crude and unfinished level editor.

Did more work on the re-factorization of Golem. There is a lot of ugliness in the existing codebase, crap I'm having to redo or rewrite. The whole time, thinking, "What the hell was I high on when I wrote this???" Found a little snippet of code, part of the random map tile translation segment, that is, I shit you not, almost 10 years old. I wrote it in '95 or '96, IIRC, and it's perpetuated itself throughout numerous projects ever since. It works well enough, but geez is it ugly...

Holding my breath and anxiously awaiting the next release of Blender, which is supposed to have updated UV unwrapping capabilities. Truly, I need all the help I can get in that department.

And now, I need more Mountain Dew, or I swear I'm going to totally flip out and start gunning down innocent civilians...
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