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XML is expandable, but lets make it fast.

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An intresting delemia. You want to use XML, because it's there, because there are tools, because it can do everything. Slight problem, it is slow to parse, and pushing it over a wire (network) isn't exactly cheap in some cases. So what do we do?

Well, you make XML less human readable and get something like Binary XML. <= The term Binary XML is incorrect but it is used as starting out point. Meaning that, people want to cut the human readable crudge from XML to make it more compact and easier to parse. There are various competing ways to go about this, and brings into question what the hell XML really is anyways. Anyways, since this is being discussed at my job, I figured I'd pass on any information to you guys to get feed back and inform.

First up is Fast Infoset. (I'll be covering more in the future). I'm going to give you some reading material from sources that are well behind my current abilities. The poppets must read, or the zombie cows will eat you.
Wikipedia, Begin here
Fast Infoset White Paper from XTech 2k5
Sun - Developer Info
Java (J2SE) Implementation (experimental J2ME)

Anyways, if this ends up being used for work, I'll see about gett ing my embedded C++ code released for general consumption.

3rd Maxtor SATA drive has died on me inside 9months.
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