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I just uploaded 7 new *better quality* videos HERE.....check 'em out. The first 2 are my favorites :-)

You can just click the image to download the video:

I'm also making a ton of progress on the multiplayer aspects of the game. I'll go into that in tommorows entry :-D

It's 4:30 AM I've been working on this game for about 15 hours straight, and I love every minute of it.

I'm really starting to enjoy playing it. I feel like I have to finish it and release it to people and let them see how cool it can be. My #1 goal is to make this game enjoyable, I've got a lot of ideas for different multiplayer modes, and things like that...so stay tuned!

- Dan
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I still don't understand how anyone can make something of that high standard, on their own.

Good on you, keep up the good work! You planning on a playable demo sometime?

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Those are so cool. The city seems to be alive! WOW!

Your artist could have used more polys on the steering wheel, oh well, it ain't that important. :-D The animations of people getting hit by your car are a bit weird.
Could it be that decals of bullet holes are missing?

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Glad you like it Gaheris. I've still got a ton of things to add to the game, a particle system/bullet holes are definitely on the list :-)

I'm also currently having all the animations re-done to eliminate some of the unsmoothness they suffer from.

Also...the inside-the-car-camera was a prototype...it's going to be out of the game soon....the inside of the cars are not good enough quality to pull off a camera there...it was a cool idea though :-)

But yea...now that its a multiplayer only game...the sky is the limit on the features :-D It's just a matter of time before it's all in there...and I'll be putting in 15 hour days until it is done.

ukdeveloper, thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it. I can't release a demo until after I get through the beta process with my publisher...so it could be a while. I'm dying to get this out to people though...I want to make sure it's perfect when I do release it.

I was thinking about sending a multiplayer-only demo to fellow game developers that want to help me out. I want to test the new multiplayer features, and my master server before it goes into my publisher's beta testing process....I'll post more on that later :-D

- Dan

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Very Cool!!!

I'm curious, how did you get hooked up with your publisher? Did you go looking for them, or did someone notice your project and approach you?

Anyways, it looks great, consider me sold[grin]

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