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First game info

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Wow, it's been a month since my last (and first) post. Sorry about that. I've been working hard on a 3D first person shooter project I started on September of this year. The name of the game is Primal Damage. The name is sort of ironic since this will be more futuristic than ancient. Here's some quick info about the game:

It's the very distant future. Not content with ordinary life, a group of rich tycoons construct dozens of illegal combat arenas for high-priced death matches. War veterans, drifters, even regular citizens are allured by the ultimate hunt: human beings. Competitors are thrown into these arenas bare handed and must scramble to find anything they can to stay alive: armor, weapons, vehicles -- anything! The last man standing is awarded a handsome reward of cash and glory.

Game Features:

  • Battle in a dozen unique, futuristic fighting arenas

  • Team-based and deathmatch game modes

  • Play with or against up to 12 bots

  • Team up and fight with players in Online mode

  • Commandeer one of several vehicles

  • Futuristic, mood-setting soundtrack

  • Earn bragging rights by increasing your player statistics and title

The game is coming along well. Here is a screenshot of our first character, Snake:

Snake is basically a real kick-butt type guy who really doesn't care about anyone but himself. He's been through all types of war and is more or less immune to its effects at this point. I think the model looks great. Our artist did a great job!

As far as the game is going, currently I've got a lot of code already written. I've got support for animated/static models, Direct Input, an in-progress homebrewed GUI (that looks ugly at this point :), skybox support, Match Setup screen, and a lot more. The game is obviously not really playable at this point, but I'm definitely making headway.

Right now I'm working on the map editor for the game that will allow you to place models, character and weapon spawn points, create simple meshes like ramps, walls, ceilings, terrain, etc. The editor is tied directly into the game engine and not external. I tried using MFC first, but I really don't want to duplicate my code and I'd much rather use the same base code while concurrently developing the engine and editor. Plus, MFC is a pain in the ass too :)

Oh yeah, we've also got a basic looking website going at this point -- http://www.primaldamage.com. Please ignore the ugly logo and the look of the site; all this will change soon!

I'm really hoping to have daily or every-other-day updates to this journal. In-game screenshots will come soon as the game becomes more playable and nicer looking.

OK, back to work...

PS -- Please leave me any comments if need be. I'll try to respond to all questions.
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Thank you, yes, he did a great job. Probably a good week-week and a half of work. He did animations for walking, running, idle, die, and drawing weapon.

The die animation looks hilarious. Snake falls on his knees, and then falls flat on his face :)

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Very nice model! One thing, though... When humans walk and run, their arms and legs on the same side of the body are at opposite ends of their cycles: when your right leg is fully extended forward, your right arm is fully extended backward. This is essential to our stability, otherwise we'd sway all over the place and probably fall within a few steps.

As it is, your character looks like a forgotten extra out of the Genesis The Way We Walk video! [smile]


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