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Idiot Newspaper Article of the Week

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Party not over for computer gamers

By VictorGodinez



Many of its stores have demo kiosks for consoles such as the PlayStation 2 or Nintendo DS, so gamers can try before they buy.

It used to be that testing a PC game had been impossible. Not anymore.

In a trial collaboration announced a few weeks ago, GameStop and Dell have rolled out computer game kiosks in 25 GameStop stores. There, customers can test a handful of the best PC games the same way they test drive the latest PS2 release.


No, you idiots! NO!

The problem with testing in PC games is not test driving, it is quality assurance. Bloody hell.

This industry is getting worse by the day. And the journalists won't help, especially not ones who re-byline an AP feed like this guy (it was in my morning paper credited as AP).
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I hope you aren't harping over the fact that game developers and common people would use the word "testing" differently.

Personally, I think it is a superb idea. I want to be able to try out games at the store before I plop down $50 on them.

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Yeah, but I get the idea that this guy has called people at Microsoft and heard "Yeah, testing for PC titles is really hard" and then called Gamestop and asked about testing PC titles.

But yes, I too like trying out titles -- that's why there are things called demonstration versions available for 99.9% of games.

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But I think the idea is that he is using the word "testing" not in the sense of "testing for bugs" but rather in the "consumer testing if they like it" sense of the word.

I dunno, I don't really see what you are upset about there.

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It's just stupid, is all. They're trying to spin the mass failure of PC gaming in recent years not as a result of unoriginal, bug-wadded crap but as a lack of marketing on Microsoft's behalf.

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