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MidiKeyboard V1.1 & Hopkins Multimedia website

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Alright, sorry for the lack of updates, but I figured that I'd already messed up my calendar, what was another few days? [smile]

I started to take a break from battle, and work more on a smaller project for a bit. You all know how it can be working on something for a long time, it eventually gets a bit boring, and it is nice to spice it up a bit. So I created MIDI Keyboard, which has been posted in this journal and in the Showcase. I also submitted it to VersionTracker.com and so far has received over 700 downloads from there.

The next version (1.1) will be done shortly and includes a graphical representation of the notes being played, as well as knob UIs for controlling velocity, instrument, offset, and pitch. Currently the big fall back to the graphics is that is shows a nice keyboard on the screen, but the mouse can not click the keys yet. There are numerous ways to do this, I just haven't implemented them yet. When done, MIDI Keyboard will have a nice mouse-clickable nine octave MIDI input keyboard for all your sequencing needs.

Another fall back is that the sustain method developed in 1.0 actually doesn't use the MIDI sustain message, but rather an internal buffer for holding notes, in 1.1 I hope to resolve this by using MIDI's own sustain.

Since you all love screenies, here you go:

And I have the site template I created for Hopkins Multimedia up: Hopkins Multimedia I will replace the content when I'm happy with what I have here on my localhost. I'll get the actuall domain name and hosting here soon, again once, I've fleshed out the site.

So tell me what you thing of it!
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Let me start by saying I have a huge amount of respect for you, and that is why I am going to say what I am going to say next. That website is god awful ugly. It hurt my eyes to look at. And the logo looks like it was thrown together in MSPaint in 10 seconds. The background color looks like it was chosen by a blind infant. The layout itself is nice, but your color scheme is mary fucking doggy style awful.

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Damn... can't win them all [grin]

Thanks for being honest. Most of the work on the site was on the layout, the color scheme and logo were sort of just an after thought.

I'll get a few more color schemes up, and have you lot choose between them. Thanks!

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Don't you have to pay for a Download.com listing?

Also, tone down that blue. A darker blue would make it look tons better.

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I'm not sure... But I used VersionTracker and it didn't. And 700 downloads for a 1.0 release is fine by me!

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