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More Stunts!

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Here's a short video of me doing some high falls, wire work and rapelling. The wire rig was constructed as part of a stunt I was doing with a friend for Fright Fest - we had a full-body harness hidden under a sweatshirt and a rope noose attached to the wire so it looked like we were being hung as we got pulled up ~35 feet into the air. The stunt was rigged to the bottom of the log flume ride, which was about 45 feet tall at that point. The shots of me going up is not the stunt we did, that's just us playing with a waist harness. Yes, the Batman Begins reference is obvious :P Then we rapelled off the 45' section of the log flume, and did high falls off the 35' section. That was insane. It never looks high until you're actually up there [smile]


Falls 'n Wires (1:19 - via MySpace Video)
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