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Oh, on even more unGamerly topics (I will get to them eventually..I promise), I also feel the need to pimp out my shoes of choice.

DVS Freemont. I've never loved a pair of shoes like these. Consequently, I have 2 pairs (one for working out, one for going out).

I'm curious as to what shoes some of you guys sport. From what I've seen, it seems like serious programmers (or hardcore geeks) only wear 2 types of shoes: Boring, white & swirly, largely ambiguous, and uncharacteristic running shoes.. or old beaten up Vans.

Any of you buck the trend?
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My boring and swirly, largely ambiguous, uncharacteristic running shoes are grey. Does that count as bucking the trend?

(Admittedly they were white once, but not anymore...)

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After searching the interwebs for fifteen minutes I still can't find my shoes... that's how offbrand they are. They cost me $8 at Walmart. Black Suede boring shoes.

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Nunn Bush =D

Leather Construction
Rubber sole
Integrated Gell In-sole

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