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Valid XHTML Strict!

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I went through and made my code all Valid XHTML Strict. The problem was the IE didn't like it. Go figure. it works in every single other browser perfectly, and IE messes up on it... after another half an hour of work I created a hack that showed everything correctly in all browsers... I really wish that IE would support standards better. On the same note as my website, I got my emails working for hopkinsmultimedia.com. I can send/receive *@hopkinsmultimedia.com. So now when I need a serious email sent out, it can be from services@hopkinsmultimedia.com. Gmail was really helpful in this manner.

I got a great amount of work done all MIDI Keyboard, and it should be ready for a release here at the end of the week. The only thing left to add is making the virtual keyboard clickable with the mouse, and reintegrate chord functionality from the previous version. So all in all be prepared for a wonderfull piece of software.

I just updated the website again, I've navigation working through AJAX.. [cool]
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Pah, AJAX is overrated and not very usefull for a menu if you haven't implemented a fallback mechanism for people with deactivated javascript.

When are you going to continue working on your game?

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