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God must hate me

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Yesterday I just got the client side needed for testing the shared vision thing. So obviously I wanted to do so, because 2 weeks of work were untested, due to the imposibility to visualise the results.
Well, as Murphy says, if multiple events can go wrong, they will :)
2 days ago the power went out at 9 PM. I didn't lose any work (I save often and I have an UPS) but my wife's computer died in the process. It was in the UPS too, but it didn't want to shut down, so in order to conserve the UPS power, I plugged the cord. For some reason that killed the computer, because it didn't want to start, bitching in a chinese voice that the CPU test failed.
I tried all I could to make it work, but failed.
Well, not a really big deal, it was a 2 years old computer, and I had a spare laptop with a broken screen (AMD 64, +3200, 512 RAM, ATI 9600 mobility), so in other words a pretty adequate desktop replacement.
So I tried to set it up, but because it's monitor was fucked up, I had some problems with setting the main monitor to be the secondary display. Eventually we had to just resintall windows.
Now it works fine, just that it crashed on her once. But it took quite a while to get it to work, because some drivers didn't come with WindowsXP, so we had to look online.
Luckly the HDD was not affected, so we just put it in an external USB HDD enclosure.

So anyway, today I started to test my shared vision thing, only to realize that it had some serious (but not unexpected) problems.
Nothing REALLY big, but I will have to rewrite some functions and stuff. Maybe 1 hour of work if I wouldn't be so god damn lazy :D
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Could you possibly post some screenshots of the "shared vision" feature that you're currently busy adding?



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Well, basically it nothing impressive looking, it's just some dots on a minimap, for the time being.
The client part is not finished yet, but it's good as it is now for tests.

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