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Getting Further

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ildave1 finished the Message class last night, it works really nice, by showing and logging all of the messages (and the choices made from them) that the program encounters, the log format is in color-coded HTML. It is likely in the future we will add a 'submit this error for support' HTML form to the log too, so that a user has an clear channel to get support.

Last night I added some nice top-level methods for manipulating boot.conf (which is XML and acts as the game configuration file)

The methods are:

bool initBootConf(void); //called during engine init, loads file and seeks common properties

string getBootParam(string key); //used to seek a parameter from the boot file, key is a dot-notation string


string width=getBootParam("screenFormat.width");

void setBootParam(string key,string value); //used to set/create a parameter in the boot file, key is a dot-notation string



it will automatically create neccisary key-tags if they dont exist.

And the best ones of all:

revertBootConf(); // reloads boot.conf from disk, dumping local changes

commitBootConf(); // saves local changes to boot.conf to disk

I decided to use this method overy digging through tons of XML manually to get and set properties, so far it is working excellent.

Tonight I think it is time to dig deeping into the graphics system, there are many questions I have, and lots of potential strategies, which means there will be lots of testing to see which ones are more performant than others.
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