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Game Design Document

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For those interested, I've gone ahead and posted the Game Design Document for Primal Damage here. It's actually quite small as I really didn't go into massive detail.

I've modelled a lot of the player statistics after Perfect Dark (N64). I really loved how that game kept track of pretty much everything you did in multiplayer (ammo used, head shots, kills, deaths, wins, losses, firing accuracy, etc.). So here's what I will be keeping track of in Primal:

-Accuracy (0-100%)
-Ammo Used
-Games Played
-Games Won
-Games Lost
-Time (0:00:00)

Any other suggestions?

And here are the player titles (possibly tentative ordering/names):

12: Recruit
11: Novice
10: Soldier
9: Trooper
8: Commando
7: Guerrilla
6: Badass
5: Warmonger
4: Enforcer
3: Executioner
2: Slayer
1: Warrior

As far as the game is concerned, it's going really well. Last night I implemented terrain and wall mesh classes, and added the ability to create them directly from the map editor. Wrote some picking code so they become highlighted once you mouse over them. Today's goal is to implement the ability to activate meshes, move them around, change their size and position dynamically, etc. Once this is done, I can start building some decent levels and be able to post some in-game screenshots here.
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I liked how Perfect Dark kept track of how many kilometers you've run in the game.

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I enjoyed reading your design doc for Primal Damage. Thanks for making it public.

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