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Mission Accomplished

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WOOHOO!!! The move to the new house is now complete!

I'm still having some work done to the house, buying cheap crap to fill it with and making some modifications here and there. It's a fixer-upper so I've gotta devote some time to it. It'll be worth it when the time comes to sell it. At any rate, now that I'm moved in, I can get back to programming!


I've gotten to the point of development that's most frustrating. I'm putting in a lot of time to build a solid framework so that development of the game will go smoothly later on. My problem is, I haven't begun developing the game. I've only developed the pieces needed to make A game. So, there's no cool screenshots, no conceptual or technical demos, nothing that I can show someone and make them say, "Gee, that's kinda cool".

Instead, I've got a bunch of test apps to stress test various components like the resource manager, memory manager, video, etc. Let's face it. It's boring. What's worse is that I've been explaining to my non-techie girlfriend that I'm working on a game for months and months. Then she looks at what I'm doing and it's nothing but a bunch of numbers and meaningless crap on the screen (I'm sure I'm not the only one here that has trouble explaining what we do to the technically illiterate).

The good news is that the framework is VERY, VERY close to being complete. Next, I plan to begin some conceptual demos to test out ideas for various systems needed for the game. This should, hopefully, yield a little eye-candy. ;-)
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