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AJAX-based web forum (continued)

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Well, it's not really ready to try out, but here is a work in progress:

A web forum

Still in a pretty early testing / prototype stage. Most useful features aren't implemented, but it does the very most basic stuff.

Things that you might notice:

  • There is no post formatting

  • The "Back" button on your browser does not do what you expect

  • There is no paging facility, so if there are too many posts, the page becomes overly long.

You can post anonymously as well as registering and posting as a known user. Please don't use real / important passwords or emails - they will certainly be deleted anyway.

At the moment there's no real denial-of-service or flood protection - so please don't try to hack it or anything.


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Recommended Comments

I can't write replys. Nothing happens when I click the button to submit the text I've written.

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That is caused by a slight bug that I may have now fixed.

But no doubt, if you try again later, I'll have introduced another one :)


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Nice stuff - reminds me of my own first (and, more or less, last) steps into the world of web development. Forum engines are a lot of work, especially if they need to scale up to large numbers of users, but they're also very rewarding once all the nice little touches are in place.

I got sick of looking for SQL injection vulnerabilities, so I doubt I'll ever do a forum engine again. Good luck with yours - hopefully you can get farther than I did [wink]

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