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My GDNet+ Subscription... meow

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Benjamin Heath


Well, my subscription runs out next Friday, and I won't renew it until much later on, so this'll be it for a while. Oh well.

Aside from that, the end of my semester is, what, a month away now? Finals are coming up in the next several weeks, so it's time to study.

I'm also being hired at one of the local departments as a "paid-on-call" firefighter. That's a very entry-level position, and I plan on doing it for six months or less. It's not much. I will also be testing this weekend for being a reserve firefighter at the department I've been volunteering with, and hopefully that will turn out well.

Bye bye for the time being, GDNet+. It's been fun.
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NO[attention] (Or, maybe that horrific ear-splitting Noooooo! from SW-Ep3) - you can't leave GDNet+ ...

on the whole firefighter thing. Starting fires is fun, but putting them out takes more than I've got [smile]


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Well, I originally subscribed to GDNet+ because I planned on making some games and releasing them on my webspace. I failed at that objective, and my schedule will be too tight for me to try again for the time being. Hence, it will not be cost-effective for me to subscribe again for some months to come, and it may be that I won't resubscribe until I have a mostly-finished program to offer here. It's just a matter of priorities.

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Good Luck with everything Benjamin!!!.... yer a fine lad and you'll do well imo [smile].
Mind and pop-in now and again if ya need to talk [wink] [grin]

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