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I'm still alive

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Thought I'd just check in here... I am still alive (in case any of you were wondering). Been really busy with "real work" - a.k.a. the kinda work I have to do but would much rather not [smile]

I've got another couple of lighting models to cover, and then a summary of a generalised "base" for them. Hopefully have that sorted over the weekend. Time permitting of course..

btw, in an attempt to make this post mildly informative... I think you should definitely read does OSS make bad software feasible? from the lounge. Sadly I've nothing to add to the topic and I think I've ++rated the key players or I would show my appreciation for it [smile]

I read it along with many of the attached references today, and I honestly think it's one of the more intelligent threads on the topic I've read in a long time. I like the whole OSS/Linux thing on paper, but the whole attitude/ego/politics/'religeon' thing amongst it's followers really annoys me.
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Work Ork. Haha. Work orc. orc.

So I still havent gotten around to really studying graphics stuff even though I say I will.But Im getting to it. Yah, yah, i is. I got Dave Eberly's Game Physics book. And some book by Alan Watt? One of the main motivators is so I can understand your posts :D

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The ego of the OSS folk is why I decided to stop any involvement with OSS 4 years ago - I attended the guadec in Paris, and the attitude of a lot of these guys made me sick. They were so "I'm liek 1337 and j00r liek l4m3 lololol fsck M$" (well, I may be a little too harsh... but man, they were so proud...). The exact contrary of what I believe should be the attitude of the OSS community. I lost my faith.

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