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The freezers are in the game. Unfortunately, the sprite for them looks really ugly so I will have to find a new one soon.

When you drag corpses to it, you hear a noise, the freezer glows a bit and a +1 flies out of it and into the air for your viewing goodness. [grin] It gives you a bit of a reward, I suppose.

Next up, I need to implement the status screen. And keep myself from buying and playing Civ IV...

Some screenshots to manhandle:

The first screenshot shows freezing in action (and lord, that sprite sucks) -- the +1 and the new status screen. I haven't decided if it's a toggle yet, but at the moment you hold down the "I" key to bring it up.

The second screenshot is a hilarious bug I found when I was trying to draw nonexistent freezer sprites. It would be pretty awesome to have a game in this perspective, though!

Also, in combos: Every kill past your 10th in a combo string rewards you with 10HP. It's a great way to survive survival mode, by rationing out your shots to gain health from your enemies. [grin]
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