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Oorah! (It's a Marine thing...)

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For the curious -> :What the hell is Oorah?:

So what the heck have I been up too? Well, as I noted in my last entry, I joined up over at EDI to assist with the creation of there latest and greatest project, tentatively named.... "Project2..." ;p

I completed (mark::nov.8.05) my first official class for the engine. This being a message logging system that will allow the engine to call to the class so that it may log any precarious errors, warnings, or general informative messages. The log is a bright and colorfull *.html file that darn near perfectly presents what had happened during runtime. As noted in EDI's journal, we intend on building upon this logging system for a reliable feedback system for the user that will inevitably help us make the experience as great as possible for the player.

Well, it certaintly was not long after the logging system was finished, I was assigned a new project. (Uh, probably 5 minutes).

Yesterday I researched, Today I tossed things together to learn how things worked and it is a fact that most of everything (litterally) I am doing thus far is all a learning experience.

This new project will be a binary serializer object that will read/write data to a file in different formats. I will certainly post more about this once it is finished.

On another note. I've got Visual Studio 2005 Standard heading to my door for $49. I used VC Express Edition and really enjoyed the new layout and features; a very nice upgrade from 6.0. Students, head on over to www.academicsuperstore.com.

Until next time.
Stay Motivated,
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Recommended Comments

Good luck at EDI! I'm sure you'll learn a lot, and have a lot of fun.

HTML logging systems are the "heat". Sounds like a worthy first task.

It's a lot of fun working on the beginnings of a project, everything is so clean...you know, that new car smell?

Ah...either way best of luck to ya buddy.

- Dan

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