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Personal accomplishment!

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At 175 lbs bodyweight, I just deadlifted 405 for two reps for the first time ever. It was awesome - probably my strongest physical feat yet. My rather large set went like this..



I'm thrilled. Only 2 weeks ago I hit 380 for the first time, and now suddenly I've gone up 25 lbs! I love progress.

Meanwhile, my friend and I have just started brazilian jujitsu at an extremely well renowned school in South Jersey. Much fun awaits. :)
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How much is your squat? A guy I worked out with last year could do like 400 lbs going all the way parallel. And what made it so amazing was that he was average/below-average in everything else (his bench max was only 120 if I remember) and his body was in general rather small and non-muscular.

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Brazilian jujitsu is awesome! Sometime ago, the Army chose it to be the new hand to hand fighting style for training soldiers. Its much safer to practice than most martial arts and still quite effective in a real fight.

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