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Veterans Day

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I normally do not ask for much at all from anybody that I ever come across. After serving in the Armed Forces, I wish to mention something about today.

I am sure you know that today is Veterans Day and I will be here just incase it sliped your mind. It is the time of the year to push aside the fact that you may or may not like what we are doing in our current campaigns overseas. It is a time to sit back to think how we all are living today and how the children of tomorrow will grow up upon the freedoms that we experience and create on a daily basis.

All in all, our troops deserve some sort of Motivation passed upon them that is not shreded by nasty news reports giving them the wrong impression of how we feel about them. If you never served, you can not imagine the feeling of receiving a motivating letter, or a box of homeland goodies, from somebody you had never met. When you go to open their letter, read their words, inhale the motivation, you realize that they found you, to support you, without even knowing who you were; they just cared.

Today, all I ask from the community is that you take a moment of your time to appreciate somebody you may or may not know that is currently serving or used to serve in the Armed Forces. Take a moment to write them a letter, give them a call, send them a small token of your appreciation.

From my heart, I personally Thank You

Stay Motivated
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I completely agree, it's people like you that really make the difference in the world, and I'll be he first to thank you for your sacrifice.

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