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The Revolution

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Will F


I really want to see Nintendo succeed with their next gen platform. But the controller is either a really brilliant or a horrible idea. Reading things like this, makes me suspect the latter.

We have this game with a big wok that you use to cook Chinese food, and it's really interesting to have the meat and vegetables frying in there, and use the controller to flip the food around without it spilling out of the pan.

Ok, so it's really just an in house demo of something that can be done with the controller, but still...
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That sounds like a neat use for the controller.

I like frying things -- you get to flip them around in the pan and hear them sizzle. [grin]

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Yeah, i'm kinda joking about the controller - you have to give them credit for trying something new. There's some definite potential for some really innovative games. I'm sure Nintendo will do some great stuff, but I have my doubts about 3rd party support.

Hopefully there'll be a new Animal Crossing on the revolution letting you use the controller for things like fishing, and maybe add stir fry cooking to the game [wink].

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