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Civ 4!

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I bought Civ 4 today, because it was convenient.

This means that my progress will probably be vastly slowed, but Laz and I are forcing each other to work on our games tomorrow so we will see if I make significant progress. I am hoping to get the end-game condition checking done and will attempt to make the freezer animation at least look decent. I'd also like to get a "nearest freezer" HUD feature up and running so you're not dragging corpses around for hours.

I'm also planning on going through the AI code and cleaning it up a bit; this should make Survival mode a little bit better (perhaps easier, too!). I may also add things to Survival mode like random health kit drops.

After all the code is done I should just have to make a couple of maps for the single player game, cinema scenes and survival mode and I am ready to release. [grin] If Saurabh gets back to me soon, I'll also include his bad-ass sprites instead of my terrible crap.

Another game (almost) done. Woo woo! Now I can work on something else.

A multiplayer version? Maybe, if people actually like this. It would be awesome to have crap like a capture-the-corpse minigame or add team vehicles.

Edit: Okay, I was diddling around with getting some new fonts added to the system and ran across a bug in PropaneInjector and Freezer II's font support. This has been patched; some people may want to update their copy of Propane Injector with the latest files. The work begins... and now I go to bed in preparation of continuing it. Will I finish the game tomorrow (today)? Wait and see! Same Rav-time, same Rav-channel!
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