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Crunch Time

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

I swear, this week has been the most hectic one in recent memory, every minute of my time has been spent working. I wake up, go to school, work on Angels 20 in two of my classes, go work at the airport right after school, then I go to my swimming practice and swim 3 miles, then I go home, do homework, work on Angels 20, go to sleep, and start all over again. I'm pretty close to being burnt out by all of this, but we really want to get the game polished up for the IGF, and we only have 3 more days to do it.

Mark the artist has been working his ass off to finish up all the art we need for the game, and he's probably put more hours into the project than I have at this point, but the art keeps coming.

We are hoping to have a damn near finished version of the game ready by Sunday night so that we can hopefully iron out any wrinkles Monday, so please if you have any comments, suggestions or gripes, please let us know!!!!!

Well, we've added some interesting things to the game, but nothing particularly exciting. Mark has put a lot of work into the level designs/stories, and I've been chipping away at the long list of stuff that must be done, but we're running out of time.

One of the thingsw that we may have to cut out of the IGF version is the cutscenes. We really want to have them for the intro, and some stuff in the story is best conveyed through cutscenes, but we may not have the time to script them out.

Another thing I am concerned about is the level system. When I built the menus and the level loading stuff, I never really thought about how I was going to stop the player from playing missions he/she hasn't reached yet, so I may have to redesign some stuff, or else let thr player skip around from level to level, which,IMHO, wouldn't be that bad, just incoherent.

Well, thanks for reading, but i have to get back to work.

Don't forget to let us know what you think about the game, so we can fix the problems before it's too late!!

Dont Forget To Try Out The Latest Version Of Angels 20

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