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A Tribute to Ethereal Darkness Interactive

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Well. I certainly would have gotten this a LOT sooner if it was not for the veteran affairs office NOT paying me and misplacing my credit card. I finally was just reissued a credit card and I ended up ordering it...

Well. What is -it-?

Signed. Limited Edition. Beautiful.

Yes. I did Beta test for Morning's Wrath and I know nearly every crevice of the game (not all though). I can not stress how important it is to support independent developers these days. When we all watch the triple A's hit the shelf and realize that they have budgets like nobodies business, indies are still in the shadows driving forward. They are constantly pushing their limits, sacrificing enlessly and most importantly, they are -NOT GIVING UP- when it feels like theres no other option. To watch somebody go from a dream to a reality in this industry as an indie when they do not have millions of dollars and publishers hitting them from every side, is freaking amazing. Thats exactly why I will keep this on my shelf, because in the end, we are all are on the same team and I am watching everyone of you, as I hope you all are doing the same.

So. Until next time. Stay Motivated and keep up the damn good work!

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Supporting indie developers is always a good thing to do. The problem is when some of them do not want your help, on contrary, they get mad when you try to help :)

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*gives raduprv the finger*
your help is always wrapped in an insult.

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replace 'help' with 'unwanted, egotistical and insulting advice' and you might be on to somthing =D

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Every indie could use that extra sale, and at this point in time, thats what I can offer in my way to support there dedication. As for advice, the only time I will ever speak about somebodies work is if I am spoken to first. ie: "What do you think about this?". Because, in the end, they are the developer of their own idea and when they want feedback, they will look.

I do know that you (raduprv) tried to offer advice to edi and while your advice may have been key on point, I honestly thought that it needed to come in with more of a tactfull approach.

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Oh, but I didn't mean that advice.
In the past I also offered to:
1. Beta test the game.
2. Put an add from our site to yours (and also tell our players about it). Given the fact that we have quite a few players (over 5K I think) which do like fantasy based RPGs, that would have been quite an opportunity for you.
Others might have considred those two things as nice and helpful, but unfortunately some others consider them to be a belligerant act. *shrug*

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Okay, on a side note, this journal post is to be a tribute to not only EDI, but the indies out there that strive daily to make something of themselves. I am well aware of your attempt in helping EDI, but again I note that you need to come at your way of assistance in a tactfull manner and not make it sound like your a clear winner in the ballgame.

Clearly, if you wish to understand my point of view, feel free to private message me and we can discuss ways(that i believe) to improve your communication skills and I will let you know what gave us the bad impression. Communication is essential for the success of any individual, and that goes for -any- line of work.

Final note. If this post continues to discuss this conversation, I will beckon the moderators to terminate the discussion. Clearly, I want is to say thanks to everybody out there that push their limits daily, not discussing personal issues.

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