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Rav's Progress

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Progress is being made! If this were Civ there'd be a little bar somewhere showing what I am writing this turn.

To Do:
  • Game win conditions and end cinema scene engaging

  • Make cinema scenes take up less CPU

  • Make town map more appealing, smaller

  • Something to make the freezers better behaved

  • Little tuning

  • Performance testing

  • Distribution-level ports and packages, on website

My website is completely and utterly dead at the moment (new hard drive being installed by ThePlanet)... so hopefully it will be up really soon. I hope. Dear lord, give me my site back.

Edit: I got bored, so I started hacking together a one-button game for my contest (of course, I can't enter): Sloplifter. I'll be adding polish, etc to it later, but it's only 343 lines. This has proven to me that PropaneInjector sure as hell speeds up development... I can't wait to start something else with it.

Edit 2: Here's another screenshot of Sloplifter-y goodness! OBEY THE PIG
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