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Ok, now to figure out what it is actually about.

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I've been trying to decide how the gameplay will go, and how to make this game at least a little unique. My first idea was to have a game where you must fight the alien force for control of more space stations. It would have a turn limit, and the person with the most space stations under their control would win.

However, it occured to me, why would an alien conquer a human space station, they mine as well just blow it up. My idea for the game is that you have to defend the space stations on the map from being destroyed. You win as long as you can keep one space station from being destroying. There is a turn limit, so you must survive that turn limit. You can also win by destroying the alien fleet. You lose if all the space stations are destroyed or if your fleet is destroyed.

So those are my thoughts on the game for right now. So my next step is to actually code in the ability of the aliens to destroy space stations.


On completely different note, I just rented the Matrix: Path of Neo from blockbuster. I had heard that the game was pretty good, so I gave it a try. So far, it's pretty cool.

I mean, when your in a fist fight or weapon fight, the game is awesome. Everything else is okay, I suppose.

Probably my least favorite part of the game is the stealth scene at the beginning where you have to sneak out of the office building where Neo works. What pissed me off about the whole level was that if you died, which happened alot to me, you have to backtrack all the way to the last checkpoint.

The other thing I hate about the game is the gun controls. The gunfights would be really fun, except that the controls for gunfighting are incredibly awkward. I'm playing it on a PS2, so to shoot, you have to hold R2 and than press R1 to shoot. Although this sounds easy, instead of locking on to the guy closest to you, the game locks on to some guy hiding behind a wall.

Other than those two things, the game is pretty fun, and it is probably the best matrix game(although that isn't saying much).
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