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UML a go-go!

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So, as its been a few days I figured I'd distract myself from my college assignment for a few minutes to update this.

Firstly, an update to the upgrade saga from before;
Belkin have no plans for x64 software for the bluetooth adapter and Sony Ericsson are also telling me basically the same thing,namely 'hi, I'm someone sat at a computer who isnt told anything and i've not been told if we are going to support this'.

So, thats all a tad annoying but who knows maybe some will turn up at some point.

However, the upgrades didnt stop there. A few weeks back I noticed that sections of my monitor were becoming more bluring than others and alot faster. Conclusion; monitor was on its way out, certainly at high res.

So, I went for a look around and for a few hours settled on the idea of getting 2 19" TFT monitors, not quite enuff depth (1200 on my 19" CRT vs 1024 on the TFTs) but I figured that with two screens I could put up with that.

That was until I saw a 24" TFT from Dell, 1920*1200, wide screen, 12ms responce time and not that much more than I was planning to spend on two monitors.. I then found the REAL price for it and realised that when it wasnt on special offer it was nearly a grand!
So, I brought it and props to Microdirect, dispatched the next day and I had it by thursday.

Basically, the monitor is fantasic, sooooo much clearer than my 19" CRT ever was, same dot pitch as working at 1280*1024 but on a much larger screen. I feel alot more productive working with it infact, my college assignment has been going really well mostly because I've got so much screen space to play with its just making it a joy to work with.
(Pictures of the upgrade and monitor.. a tad image heavy, sorry [grin])

I'm not looking forward to going back to college tomorrow, 17" CRT @ 1024*768*75Hz is going to make my eyes bleed [sad]

On the subject of college assigments, the one I'm currently working on is for Object Analysis and Design and I'm really starting to enjoy it.

Mostly its UML stuff and I'm really starting to like working with UML. Generally I've never been one for designing things, however the more I work with it and more I'm liking it and the more I'm considering using it for my own stuff.

Infact, when I get some spare time I might model the OGLWFW and GTL in UML to see if I can see any places I can refactor or redesign the interface.

Anyways, I should probably get back to things, deadline is 10am tomorrow...
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