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## Sounds!

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So the guy who said he was going to make me music and sounds actually came through! The music needed a slight modification, so waiting on that, but the sounds he made are great. I can't wait to put them into the game and complete it completely. I know I said I would have a version up for you all today, but given that the music and sounds are so close, I think I'll wait to release a total finalized build rather than a soundless build now and a complete build later. Only a few more days until FART goodness. For now, a screenshot:

In the final version I won't be using that floor texture. Unfortunately, I did not make it, I stole it from some dude's website because it looked good. I emailed him asking for permission but I've gotten no response, so I'll make my own crappy floor texture tomorrow or something.

Yes, my accuracy is 100.7% ... yes I killed more bad guys than bullets fired. You'll find out how that is possible once you play the game. :)

Right now I'm listening to GWAR - Sick Of You. Have I mentioned yet that GWAR is my favorite band?
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