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It might be worth contacting PC Gamer UK as well. They always seem to try and help out indie developers when they can and have a higher circulation figure IIRC. The current disc editor is Tom Francis: tom.francis [at] futurenet.co.uk (I have a copy of it to hand - I don't memorise this kind of info!).

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it seems the people from futurenet are the ones who contacted us, perhaps it is PC Gamer? or are the two magazines run by the same people ?

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Just don't forget to ask them to send over a copy of the mag, for historical reasons - of course ;)

*continues waiting for the german magazine Computerbild with ThumbView on the CD to arrive*

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AFAIK PC Zone and PCGamer are run by different publishing companies. At least they used to be a few years back.

Congrats on all the publicity!

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