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Today, I have absolutely nothing to say about my truck. Well, except for that.

It was a tiring week. One of those "no, you can't really have any time to do what you want to do" sort of weeks. I even had things I had planned on doing today, like hauling some trash to the dump in my truck. There I go with the truck again. Never mind.

Today, I experimented with GAPI. It took all of five minutes to figure out. This will wind up being useful at work in the coming weeks. My dream of playing tetris on a large LED sign is now closer than ever.

The electrician is supposedly going to be here soon. He's going to split out our dryer from our well pump (as it should be), run some new wires, etc. Then at some point today, I have to drive over to my dad's house to drop off his computer.

Tomorrow, I've got church and then I'm dropping by my grandma's to visit my mom, who is visiting from arizona. How exactly do weekends get so busy?
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Hm... Playing Tetris on a large LED-sign, and the electrician is coming over...
Ever tought about having the electrician rewire the lighting in the house, so you could use the windows for playing tetris?
Just use each window as a pixel, and sit outside and play.
Ofcourse, you'd need a rather large house...

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