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Far into the present.

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Staffan E


Five months since my last entry. Five months of practiaclly no game development at all. It has been five very long months. It's normal for me to have slow periods for a week or for a month or so, where I regather my motivation and remind myself why I do this in the first place. But five months...

It wasn't completely uncalled for, though. Throughout last spring I gradually lost confidence in my own ability and my motivation was dwindling. It would seem as though my life was lying in wait, ready to jump at me and knock me over once I got weak enough. Well, it seems to have worked and in a way I am glad it did. Though painful it brought a lot of bad things up to surface that I wouldn't have been able to deal with otherwise. As of now, I have not fully recovered yet but I'm working my way back. Game development is one of many things that I'm trying to get back on track with.

I have taken up work on StarSmasha again. Other projects will have to wait. I dare not take on too big a project yet. Walk before you run. The past number of weeks have been a great success. I have been able to work at an increasing pace and now I hardly feel troubled at all by my previous slow progress. Soon I will probably be able to post some results.
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Original post by Daerax
yayayyyyy. ur back [grin]

Your saying so really makes me feel welcome. Thanks. [smile]

Original post by superpig
Five months... hmm, the exact same length as 4E4. Coincidence?

I guess. As I said I haven't been able to involve myself in any game development during the time, no matter how much I would have liked to.

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