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Trapper Zoid


After a week of worrying, procrastination, sleep-deprivation and too much coffee, my conference paper is finally submitted! Now I can begin the long and painful process of decaffeination. I can also have a full night's sleep (if the coffee sludge that makes up my bloodstream doesn't keep me jittery), and take tomorrow off to work on game development! Woohoo!

By the way, does anyone know of a good place to get freebie sound effects, so I can use them in my "One Week One Button" entry?
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SFX & Music Resources. Scroll down to 'free download', and have a look through the listings. In particular, try the first two entries of that section, Findsounds and Flashkit, they tend to be pretty good.

That reminds me, must check for dead links and do a bit of searching for updates...

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Thanks. I wasn't really thinking very clearly when I made that entry, or I would have stated that I'd already browsed to that particular thread already, but I didn't look at those two (I only had a look at a few of the websites at random and didn't particular see anything of interest. I probably should have started at the beginning and worked my way down [smile].)

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