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Oh yeah, that's closure

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Got my woefully canned reply from Best Buy regarding my allegation that they're selling unnecessary spyware and virus-cleaning services (see several entries down).

Ironically, now that Sony automatically patches your kernel when you insert one of their discs, BB can now make money removing the malware that they sold you! Woohoo!


Thank you for contacting Best Buy about your recent store experience.
I'm Charlie with Customer Care.

We realize it can be frustrating when you do not receive the service you expect, and we are disappointed we did not meet your expectations when you had your Dell computer serviced at our Grapevine store. Best Buy strives to provide our customers with the highest level of service, convenience and selection. We value receiving your comments so we may use this feedback to improve the shopping and service experience for all our customers.

Thank you for sharing your comments with Best Buy. Please do not hesitate to contact us with additional questions or concerns.

Best Wishes from Best Buy,
Charlie and the Customer Care Team
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Tell me that doesn't sound like a scripted reply.

"I'm [name.random] with Customer Care.

We realize it can be [customer.complaint.emotion] when you do not receive the service you expect, and we are [bestbuy.emotion.patronizing] we did not meet your expectations when you had your [computer.type] serviced at our [store.location] store."

Blah blah blah

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Hey John I think your supposition shows collusion. You should repurpose The Code Zone into a lawsuit mill and sue them!

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Somehow with the conclusion of Charlie and the Support Team stuck in my head as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Whew Need to quit watching all those shows with my kids!

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Dear John,
We're pretending to care, but we really don't. Thank you for giving us your money, and we hope you keep giving us more of your money in the future.

Thank You,
Best Buy

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Guest Anonymous Poster


The person is real, but the message is scripted. Best Buy uses a program in which the user selects a response most appropriate to the customer's complaint (If I remember correctly, it was called BrightWare or something like that). Rarely does a complaint actually get a personalized response. Why you ask? Because there would be no way to afford the staffing required to answer the sheer number of complaints recieved. Thank Budhha I'm on the programming end now, and not on the customer service end any more!!

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I realize that there's a person on the other end but these scripted responses are so bad that don't really really give you the impression that there is a realy person at the other end or if they really even read your [e]mail.

It's like the last time I wrote my congressman (John Carter). I asked him to oppose an issue. They sent me a snail mail letter thanking me for mine and told me that I'd be happy to know that he supported the issue I opposed. Out of curiousity I mailed back a response telling them I was not happy with his position or the misclassified response. A week later I got the exact same letter back :-)

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Heard a bit about that on the radio a few weeks ago. Exactly zero people in Washington read your letter nowadays. Your letter, upon receipt, is scanned and OCR'ed, is checked for various keywords, and a letter is generated based on keyword weight. If you send a handwritten letter, a staffer scans your letter for keywords and types 'em in manually.

But the only person who reads your letter is you.

Next time you wanna write your congressman, use the 37 cents to buy your kids a bag of M&M's. You'll get more out of it.

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