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Each time I meet Dave and Kevin, I always tell myself I should upgrade to GDNet+ but never got around to it. It's done now!!

I just found out about web space on my account and given that my older Videotron account was shrinking my allocated web space, I took it upon myself to move software development stuff over here.


IOCP_UDP (http://members.gamedev.net/cbenoi1/iocp_udp.zip)

This is an implementation of I/O Completion Port for UDP sockets. It's fairly efficient, but it's very basic. No message tracking and no reliability layer. Adding this functionality is still in the works. Feel free to use the source code as you see fit.

R_1_5_0 (http://members.gamedev.net/cbenoi1/r_1_5_0.zip)

This library is a DirectPlay / DirectVoice layer that abstracts all of the complex initialization and data exchange stuff into a neat package. It was originally designed for an RTS, so this is a mature library. Again, full source code if you want to play with it.

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Welcome to GDNET+ and I hope you enjoy your stay among us all here in the + land. ;)

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