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FreeBSD 6.0

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Finally upgraded my box to FreeBSD 6.0, although I accidently overrode my group settings during the mergemaster stage, so no more root access remotely.

I'm looking into Ruby and more such information. Fast Infoset is still in review and will be discussed in a 4hr meeting tommorow/today. Working w/ Java and serial interfaces for a little project. Then looks like I'll be entering a blinding fun crunch period w/ Symbian.

As far as Ruby goes, I see Ruby and Ruby On Rails as a convient way to express some ideas I want to explore in a web app quickly. I've heard that mod_ruby for apache2 is meager, but I'll give it a chance tommorow night, and see if I can find any REAL reason that it should not be used, besides people in Ruby's IRC channel just bitching.
Also trying to get in touch w/ one of the web monkeys over at Penny-Arcade to see if the other rumor I heard is true, that they are using Ruby for their new site. Rumor here and here.
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