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Photo Op. lol

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So this is the pic I've sent to the PC Zone interviewer.

It's okay, I know I am sexah you don't have to tell me [grin]


see those wrinkles? that is what game development does to you!
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Wot wrinkles??...anyway, about yar picture - just where is the crown and sword?...wld have been much better than the head-glasses, surely [smile]

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John, thats just wrong. I'm not sure anybody on this planet should be shown with that evil witch.

And as for the wrinkles... Thats what playing me in Doom3 will do to ya overtime. >;)

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I am t3h v3ry druink r1gh7 tes now.

I want t3h nose about the PCZ stuff. I read the're mafia magazine. Maybe your c0mm3nts w1ll get posted through my letter box [smile]

** ps.. and PCZ people.. I love you guys.. if you want articles about world piece then just ask....

I is t3h r0x

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