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Well, I'mt not quite sure what to say. FART is unreasonabally popular. As of this moment in time, it's got 125 downloads in the GDNet Showcase. I was expecting ... maybe 20.

So far, everyone who has played it (that I know of) has loved it. I feel good about myself, having completed this and gotten it out, with such a response. I really was not expecting this, I was expecting a handful of people to play it, and maybe half or a quarter to like it.

That's not to say that it's perfect. Lots of people have requested things, such as full screen mode, more guns, more enemies, etc... In the next version (if there is a FART 2) I will add more enemies and more guns, but for now this was just a small break from Lazteroids 2 ... something to get a change of pace from the learning environment of Lazteroids 2, which is in 3D. 2D graphics I know and can do quite easily ... 3D is a new environment for me.

Sure, I worked with 3D games when I was in Full Sail ... I was on the team that did fantastic and made a fucking awesome game for final project, but my dealings with the actual 3Dness of it were small. I worked on particles and then the menu/hud. I've never made a rendering engine, or a camera, or messed with frustum culling. All this is new to me and was getting very overwhelming. I found me being hard on myself because of the slow rate at which I learn. So, when ravuya mentioned PropaneInjector, I thought I would take the opportunity to test out his wrapper and take a break from Lazteroids 2.

It has been well worth it. I'm happy with where the game is and what it has accomplished. Seeing all these praises and suggestions and people playing my game, it's great. It's an awesome feeling ... the feeling of accomplishment, I mean. I haven't felt this in a while and I'm kind of anxious to get started on Lazteroids 2 again.

So, thank you everyone for boosting my spirit, playing my game, and actually enjoying it. Here's to many more rounds of FART!
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I started a FART drinking game.

Every time you kill something, you take a drink.

I think I'm going blind.

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