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Feast your eyes on this sexy be-otch!

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That's right! You're lookin' at a picture of yours truly. Now, settle down ladies. One at a time.

I found this on my harddrive at work and couldn't resist posting it. We were shooting a commercial for the company I work for and I was asked to be in it. Flattered, I obliged... however, they were very hesitant on giving me a copy of the script until I actually got there. You can probably figure why. =b
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Guest Anonymous Poster



i've seen this one...

well done Jay. now get back to work! i wanna have a tech demo(pun intended) in my grubby little mitts.

BTW, call me when you wanna talk ideas. i still have more for ya, and i wanna hammer out a few kinks before i volunteer myself to write script and backstory. you know thatz all i'm good for.

anyway you probably guessed this, but this is PC. hit me up sometime when yer bored. could be productive.

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