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The quest for a useable textbox...

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I'm currently trying to find a good GUI library that can be used with SDL. I haven't found any good solutions yet, so if anyone knows of any, please leave a comment.

I was able to create my own system for handling buttons, but it looks kindof crappy. If I ever say that I know anything about building a GUI, I'm lying. I am however, quite good at using established libraries.

I personally think a SDL_GUI library should be up there with SDL_net and SDL_mixer as an essential. It just makes so much sense to me that if all of these different SDL add-ons are established and popular, why isn't there one for handling GUIs? Maybe there is one and I just haven't seen it yet.

On another note, I'm hoping to get a demo out of my game sometime this weekend. I just want to finish another GUI element, the textbox, before showing the demo. This way, I can put the instructions right there in the game.
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Thanks for the link.

Does that work with just SDL, or do you have to use both SDL and OpenGL to use it?

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Hmm. Looking at the library in further detail, it seems rather intrusive (i.e., it's doing quite a bit more than a GUI).

I found the link to it here. There are several other SDL-based GUI frameworks linked there. This looks like a cool library.

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