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Quick Dev Round Up

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Quick Update before sleep.

Finished my upgrade from FreeBSD 5.4 to 6.0, also updated ports, and performed a port upgrade.

Installed and cofigured mod_ruby for Apache2. Setup some databases for Ruby on Rails, using Webmin. (phpMyAdmin is for suckers :) j/k)

Ruby web development is off to a slow and brief start. I'm using webrick while I explore Rails, and currently have it running in screen as my local user instead of root. Same screen session running my irc client allowing me to idle for maximun idling xp.

Also, did my first build using Eclipse/ANT/Java today. I must say that ANT kicks nmake's ass. It would be a beautiful day when Visual Studio includes ANT (maybe there's a plugin already, anyone care to enlighten?).

So in a future posts I've got a few quick tutorials now planned.
  • Creating ANT makefiles
  • Setting up Apache2 for Ruby
  • Run down on Ruby
  • FreeBSD and YOU how I learned to love floor caek
  • Smack Washu for his for loops
  • Start work on intro level tutorials for various dev things

Anyways, till next time, keep your stick on the ice.
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