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1W1B 2

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So I sat down and started programming my 1W1B 2 entry last night. I spent 3 hours on it and it's already playable - yay. I actually pulled out my C98 code for evoInvaders and ripped out the space invaders logic to implement my game logic. It's funny because the projectiles that get expended are still known internally as 'weapons', although in the game themselves they're far from being a weapon [wink].

No screenies to show, I'm afraid. The lack of internet action is causing me a ballache in regards to this game. I'm going away for a couple of days on friday and won't be able to submit the game on sunday when I get back (due to no internet) - so what do I do? Do I get the game half finished tonight and submit it early, unfinished, or do I send it in on Monday in a more complete state, but be disqualified. I'm not bothered about winning, just completing the damn thing is my main priority - I would like it judged though :(

Edit: Fuck NTL, that's all I'm saying.
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Do both.

Hand it in half-finished early... get it judged. Then hand in a completed version on Monday, and whilst it won't get judged you can at least see about some feedback.

Alternatively, find someone with internet and submit it finished and on time [smile]


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