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had a bit of progress last night, now that I know what must be done (or at least I have a very strong supposition) I decided to implement it; however these days I seem to be more dead after work than ever, must be getting old :D

So I did implement once part, since my positional,height and light data points need to be seperated from my tiles (to avoid data waste) I needed somthing to call them, a structure was in order, which looks alittle somthing like this.

float x,y,height;
Color color;

simple enough, but what to call it.

I went around the table with such things as TilePixel or PosHeightLight, but noting really tickled my fancy until I decided to use:

Terxel - Terrain Element

While it's a bit of miss-use of the suffix it works really good in my case for a few reasons.

'noone is going to see it even if they use the engine (compiled)'

'it is very distinctive which means I will remember it and it's usage very easily'

So given that I am doing things as I am doing them with my terrain, I came to realize that if I wanted to, I could deform the terrain realtime, just by modifying the height values of the terxels (they are in SRAM so it's no big deal) this could lead to the forming of creveces as a result of earth quakes or mountains raising from nothing, could be 'quite' the effect =)

And then it struck me even further, if i create a generalized system for 'controlling' a section of terxels I could have it do water rippe for water or lava, etc. needless to say the prospect is very awesome, so i will have to visit it again when i start the map editor.
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