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Well, I finished my machine learning assignment last night around midnight, and I thought that was the big thing left for the week. So I go to my object-oriented design class today, and rather than a lecture we get a day to work on the homework and ask questions about it, which has been extended from today (Thursday) to Sunday. Now, naturally I haven't started the assignment yet, I figured I should be able to get it done in the 5 hours after class today, but now I'm thinking maybe I was wrong, and looking at it before hand would have been a good idea.

Oh well, the only thing that really worries me is that I won't be able to finish my 1W1B2 entry, Squarediana Jones, in time. Oh well, I plan on finishing it anyway, regardless of if I can enter it in the contest or not, since it's a game I've been wanting to make for about 6 years now, it just wasn't 1-button before.

I also figured it would be the perfect game to test out my SnakeEngine graphics library and SamusSE sprite library, so far things are going well, I've just hardly had an hour to work on it. Graphics (drawing) always takes me forever because I suck at them, so I'll try not to get too caught up in that. I haven't made any sound libraries yet, and I don't know how to do sound yet (except for the sound I did in Radical Racers, which is some of the most god awful code in the entire game, and I refuse to even look at it again), so my game will have no sound. Input was the last thing I was working on before the contest, so I quickly compiled an 'inputtest.lib' and am using that lol. Good enough for 1-button anyway.

So if I get time to work on it I'll post more about it, but I don't expect to get it done in time...
...or are I?
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