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Veterans Deserve Better

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Just to catch you up to speed. I submitted my application for my education benefits during the beginning of August, along with many other veterans attending schools around the nation. Any other semester prior to this semester, I would have got paid during the beginning of September, but this... Was a special one (and is expected to only get worse if they dont un#### themselves).

The VA had a working system, but due to many, MANY, horrible leadership decisions, it went completely downhill.

The VA is currently 36,000 applications BEHIND (... 4 weeks left in this semester..)

If you are a New Student veteran, expect to get your money 10 to 12 weeks after you submit your application.

If you are a Continuing student, expect to get your money 8 - 10 weeks.

If you are a student (continueing), stuck in my situation, where its week 14 and you still have not got paid... BEAT people down at your school for answers! Here is what I found out.
-- The VA does in fact have my Application
-- 2 Supervisors at the VA signed off my application for processing
(enter bad stuff)
-- My application was put into somebody elses folder
-- My application was processed under somebody else, not only overpaying some reservist, but if he doesnt say anything and just runs with the money, its going to hurt him in the long run.
-- My application was deemed "LOST" (Which explains why, when I call the VA, they tell me they haven't processed it yet)
>insert kicker<-- They wanted a new application to be sent in, which would have taken another 8 - 10 weeks to process... And they HAVE 5 copies of it, somewhere.....

Luckly, I have a caring individual at my VA office here on campus that has been doing this stuff for quite awhile. She said, "You know, back when we had 1500 veterans going to this school, they never missed one payment. Now that we have 400 veterans, they're missing damn near all of them"

So. She has been calling everybody from Washington DC to St. Louis to find answers and to get my money to me ASAP. Finally, after knocking heads around she got ahold of a supervisor that requested some information to be faxed to him, and that he would process it for payment right at that second. (Expediting the processing time).

So, pending payment, I'm not even going to hold my breath and just hope that I end up getting paid.

LUCK had it that I took out a loan this semester to help me pay off my tuition and my credit card limit had risen, because without the tuition being paid off, I couldn't enroll for next semester - which would have risen a whole different deamon inside of me! ;|

Anyway, lets all pray for ildave1 to get paid soon. :|

Take care everybody && Stay Motivated
- Dave
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I attended DeVry right after getting out of the Army and it was a nightmare getting the first application through, but in the semesters after that, they paid right on time. I feel for you man! Having to put up with shit in the military and then after you get out. Just isn't right!

Hope they clear it up for the next semester(s).

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