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Still here...

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Things are moving along well, although still mainly on the business/project side.

I have made some fixes and improvements to the level editor lately. One of the options I added recently was the ability to load/save just the triangle & texture portions of the level. This was needed b/c I kept breaking the level data file layout, and didn't want to have to either manually convert them or lose the work.

Now that I've added the runtime-visible facets, the amount of data layout changing should be much reduced, but it's still nice to be able to grab & save just the tris & textures.

Here is the reconstructed Karnathus level, in the new level format.

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woohoo, first update in a week [grin]

How come the main character's weapon is not casting a shadow on the ground?

Maybe he's using the same algorithm as Half-life 2? [lol]


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Because he doesn't even have a weapon in his hand!!!

Switching to the real skeletal mesh code will allow attachments, etc.

I think I will simplify it by making all attachments render with their parent object, including to any shadow maps.

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Your game is lookin' good as usual! I really like the way the fog looks in that screenshot...damn fine work.

I have a quick question...I've just converted my game over to use animated .x files, I recall reading that's what you use for your game as well.

My questions are: What version of the DX SDK are you compiling your game with? Are you using the D3DX library's animation functions, or did you write your own?

It seems that MS broke the .x file format a while ago, and I can't find a exporter that will correctly export animated .x files that the current examples/MeshViewer will even load.

I'm using an older version of the SDK, so this doesn't affect me, though I was wondering how you were handling your .x files.


- Dan

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Don't scare me like that! I just switched to october 2005 after being on october 2004 forever. I hope I don't have to switch back...

I haven't put in the .x support yet, but I've got code here that uses the sample animation controller code from d3d. Haven't integrated it yet, but it apparently worked in another project.

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