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I don't get it.

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The new Xbox 360 could have full Media Center PC capabilities, but it doesn't. Instead, it can talk to my Media Center PC and can reflect all of its functionality through the Media Center PC, so I can play videos stored on the Media Center PC or control the MCPC's TIVO-ish functionality through the Xbox.

But the Xbox 360 is way more powerful than my Media Center PC! It's certainly a more capable media player and/or TIVO knockoff than my Media Center machine could ever be.

There's certainly a reason for it. Not sure what it is, but there's gotta be an explanation as to why the Xbox can only act as a conduit when it comes to playing media.

Probably some dumbass business reason.
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The only things I can think of is the relatively small local hard drive and the cost of a tuner. However, if you could pick a network share I think for the most part even the small hardrive should not be a problem. If network performance was not good enough it could record to the local drive then lazy-push it to the network drive.

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The specalitve reason that makes sense is that they don't want to cut into their Windows Media market, because alot of OEM's would cry foul. Windows Media boxes aren't the most popular thing sold, but Microsoft and varisous vendors like Dell, HP, Alienware all have Media specific boxes. So instead of hindering those sales and competeing agaist it self, MS made it a requirement.

Kinda sad. Another reason I probably won't be getting an 360. (Biggest being is that I'd rather play Oblivion on the PC where I can more easily mod it then on the xbox)

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